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Fun Events at Cliffwood Farm

Tuesday was our Scrimmage at Cliffwood Farm for our current and upcoming show team students. Many participated and learned several things such as, Walking the course, Walking off strides, Calculating strides for ponies, and planning routes better. We ended the day with pizza for everyone and prizes for the winning team! The opposing team only lost by a 3 measily points! Check out our website for pictures.

The Don and Linda Coulter Clinic is coming up, Monday June 25th. We are all looking forward to learning new things from these horse experts!

Right after the Coulter Clinic, I will be taking Cliffwood’s show team to Ledges A rated show, Thankfully before that we have a show to practice at Cliffwood Farm on July 8th. It will be themed Christmas in July! Wear green and red! Hope to see everyone there!

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