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“I just want to thank you for all that you are doing at Cliffwood Farm for my horse, Cody and me. The daily improvements are endless and greatly appreciated… I wanted to share good positive feedback to you and thank you for all that you do.”

Debby McLin


“I’ve only been there since December — but yes, the place is awesome! My husband and I are both retired, and I certainly have no qualms whatsoever about leaving my horses for a few weeks at a time.”

Beverly Ozmon (via Facebook)

 I can’t believe it’s already been a month! Thank you to Cliffwood Farm and all it’s staff and boarders! We couldnt be happier with our move!!!

Liz Wolodkiewicz (via Facebook)

“Have to pass on a compliment I heard today from a farrier who hasn’t been on the property since the change of ownership. He mentioned that it looks wonderful and couldn’t believe the improvements that were still going on. I have to say that would not have been possible without the wonderful management that is there now. The staff does such a great job to make sure that everything and every horse is well taken care of and that the place always looks good. I know it’s been a year now and it is by far 150% better since last year.:)”

Jackie Latino-Moran (via Facebook)


“Just wanted to say how beautiful your barn is. I follow someone on YouTube who rides with you and the facility is stunning. I wish I lived near there so I could keep my horses there :)”

Maddie Gangz (via Facebook)


The first day I met him I knew the love affair was on. Nefarious will soon have a full blood sibling. I hope someday that both he and his brother/sister are both here at beautiful Cliffwood. This is an amazing place and it feels like home. Thank you for creating such a safe and inspiring place for my horse and I to grow and develop. I’m so incredibly happy here…

Jamie Stevens (via Facebook)


My horses Love the West Barn! (Hey, I do too! 🙂

Beverly Ozmon (via Facebook)


Just wanted to say a big thanks to the guys at the farm. They have been great taking care of my guy Rex! The staff went above and beyond with helping to make him feel better and he looks 200% better and has a new spark in his eye. Thanks Cliffwood Farm! It’s great to be in such a great enviornment!

Leah Hogbin


Many, many thanks to the staff for their wonderful help with my guy, Dak, during his recent illness. It’s great to have so much support! Dak is looking forward to getting back out in his “old man” paddock as soon as the weather eases a bit.

Sue Steuer


I would also like to say how happy my horse and I are to be at Cliffwood Farm. All of the wonderful improvements are well appreciated. Everyone is very friendly and considerate of others and their horses. I wish you much success with this beautiful farm.

Deborah Mclin


Thank you for all the wonderful improvements at Cliffwood Farm. It’s great to have all of the riding options, as well as the fun special events. It’s been a great way to get to know the other boarders. Most of all, though, we wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you’ve given our horses. It gives us so much peace of mind to know that knowledgeable people are caring for them and watching over them. While the facilities are fabulous, the most important thing to us is that our horses are happy, healthy, and well taken care of and you certainly see to that. Thanks again,

Cindy and Terry

I just wanted to take a minute to extend my thoughts and appreciation for all that you do at the barn. In addition I am thrilled to be at such at such a great facility. Your consistent commitment to getting all ‘signed-up’ horses on the exerciser is appreciated. I have seen all these horses greatly improve in their overall fitness level. It has helped my mare Mandy greatly to build up her stifles in a safe controlled exercise environment. The new limestone and grass paddocks are awesome as well. And thank you for monitoring outdoor weather conditions, when considering turn out. I know my horses are always safe. And I never have to second guess. Not just my horses, but I believe all the horses at Cliffwood have benefited greatly due to your care. I am excited to see how this will translate into next year’s show season. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to running such a great facility. And thank you to Bob Clifford for making all this happen. Clifford Farm is a fun and great place to be!



“They are just wonderful people who care so much about your horse’s well-being. I felt heat in Bondir’s feet and started freaking out (because I just found out he is insulin resistant). Sergio went to the barn at night to check on him, called me. Checked on him again early morning, called me. Then he checked on him in the afternoon, called me!! I love it! ”

Marissa LeFevre and “Bondir” (via Facebook)


Thank you so much for investing in the Euro-exerciser. Besides the many countless benefits for my horse including improved strength, stamina and conditioning, it is easy to use. I just put him in and press the “on” button! The different speeds and the automatic reverse make it extremely versatile and great for muscle development …. I use it as a warm-up before I ride since Garth has more of “ready to work” attitude and it then provides a great cool-down.  It also eases my mind knowing that he is exercised on a daily basis despite the fact that I may not get out to the barn every day, or if he gets hurt that this exerciser will be great for rehab.  The fact that it is included in the board price at this amazing horse farm is the icing on the cake!

Jodie Diegel and “Party on Garth”

I was at the barn today and won’t be back for a week and half, but wanted to let you know that Cliffwood is the best thing that has happened to us.  Over the last 40 years I have been at a lot of barns, both with a trainer and by myself.  Your facility is the best run, the friendliest and most importantly the best barn for the horses that I have been at.  You are doing a fantastic job, and Sergio and the boys are Super! 

Dayle and “Palerma”