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Training and Lessons

Hunter/Jumper Riding Lessons

½ Hour Private – $40 (package of 10 – $360)

½ Hour Semi-private (2 people) – $35 (package of 10 – $315)

1 Hour Group (3-5 people) – $35 (package of 10 – $315)

We provide lessons for students of all ages and all levels of riding. If you don’t have your own horse you can lesson on one of our reliable school horses.

We also have both a High School and Middle School IEA team.


Lesson Horses


Nina–  Nina is a very safe Large pony that can take riders from the walk trot to the  Children’s Ponies. She had a very successful show career and can leased out to students to horse show.








MickeyMickey is a 15 year old Chincoteague pony. He swam across the Chincoteague island in Virgina and was auctioned off to one of Cliffwood’s friends. He horse showed his whole life with his forever owner, Ashley. He now lives at Cliffwood and horse shows in the 2’ and X-Rails in IEA. Mickey loves to play with his best friend, Pony.










Pony- Pony is a kind 8 year old Appaloosa. Fun fact about Pony, he is actually a horse! He enjoys being out in pasture with his friend, Mickey. He loves showing in the X-Rails in IEA, he is super excited to show in the 2’ this upcoming season!



Addison- Addison is a very energetic small 15 year old thoroughbred. He enjoys getting baths, grazing, and trail riding! He loves going fast and jumping in the Varsity Open 2’6 and Intermediate 2’ classes in IEA.








Buzz- Buzz is a new addition to the Cliffwood Farm family! He is a 21 year old Appendix who enjoys teaching lessons and taking students to horse shows. He is so excited to be a part of the Cliffwood IEA team this upcoming 2018-2019 season!









Moscato- Moscato is a 12 year old thoroughbred mare. She really enjoys showing in IEA. Our most versatile IEA horse, she can show in the 2’6 and go all the way down to the X-Rail and W/T/C classes!









Gibson- Our resident greeter and greatest barn dog around!